Consultores en inteligencia empresarial

Consulting Services

These services are aimed primarily at companies and executives who face complex decisions, such as a significant investment, and who need a “due diligence” of the main actors, as well as an analysis of the various strategic scenarios that could unfold.

To search for relevant information we employ a number of techniques, a variety of software applications, data analysis tools, graphics, timelines and other similar means. All this is supplemented by interviews with relevant experts for the particular case.

All work is provided independently and objectively.

Expert Witness

Our experts are able to provide expert witnessing in court. Our specialization in this respect encompasses IT forensics and Financial and Economic witnessing. These services may be provided stand-alone or as a part of, say, an investigation, where a court expert witnessing is requested to confirm evidences.

In IT forensics cases, we dedicate special attention to the so called chain of custody. We have developed a sophisticated protocol, which encmpasses the whole evidence cycle, is cheaper and more resistant to challenge in court. The protocol has been successfully tested in several cases and has always withstood even the most complicated and challenging situations.

Corporate Investigations

We offer a specialized service for all the investigation cycle. Typically, our expertise is requested as either a) the investigation supervisor and strategist or b) a specialized member of an existing investigative team. In this second case we deploy along an existing investigative team and either provide specialized services or assist the investigation leader in managing the investigation.

  • Analysis of the situation, assessment of the problem, and initial draft of to-dos
  • Determination and configuration of the most appropriate team, equipment and approach for the investigation
  • Securing of the information
  • Adaptation to the case and implementation of the chain of custody protocols
  • Technical and documentary investigation, along with interviews and constant reporting to supervising management team of the ongoing actions
  • Draft analysis and reporting
  • If necessary, expert witnessing in court

Executive Due Diligence

This type of service is aimed to companies which need to vet, verify or otherwise better understand the background of an executive before he/she joins the company.

In such cases, where the hiring could be direct or stem from a corporate deal, such as an acquisition or a merger, we are normally tasked to double check the veracity of what the executive states about his professional background. With the executive’s authorization we confirm the subject’s background by contacting all relevant parties in the position to provide evidence of the information we need to check. This type of assignments normally include a broader internet search to complement the verification process.

If the client wishes, we can interview the executive to clarify certain points which may have not been possible to independently confirm or to deepen certain information to better understand its nuances.

The process can either be fully transparent or a bit more discrete, but in either case it is important for our client to know that, for a relatively inexpensive exercise, they followed the best practices and fully complied with any internal or external legal requirements.

Corporate Due Diligence

This type of services are aimed to allow companies get the most information possible, in a legitimate way, before making a critical decision. Our pricing suits the need of all companies, including SMBs, which are typically the type of company that cannot afford huge expenses.

By hiring us for a corporate due diligence, our clients can be reasonably sure that there are no uncovered aspects of the context they need to understand – and if unknowns are still far from resolved, we help our clients get the clearest picture possible. We take a conservative view, which typically turns into a prudent scenario analysis.

All published and publicly available information is analyzed thoroughly with the help of dedicated software tools and our personal dedication. Charts, timelines, documents, maps, articles, a large amount of databases, all sources are scanned and analyzed to build a scenario as objective as possible. Our analysts are trained to guide our clients through the nuances which may condition the outcome of an analysis in a specific country or even region or sector, and are able to look at complex contexts through a balanced approach based on years of experience.

This service is of great importance for large organizations which need an objective analysis of the market and its competitors. Thought as a private intelligence service approach, the main feature of this service is that it builds over time, ensuring that our clients keep a competitive edge.

Through this service our clients regularly receive up-to-date market reports which provide them with the most updated information, movements and rumors. Information is analyzed continuously and flash reports are sent when some important news is confirmed. These reports are particularly useful to monitor a specific situation in a specific market or context.